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Current Job Openings at the Carousel

Carousel employees must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Applications - get application form here. Complete the
application online, print & mail to:
Heritage Carousel
ATTN: Jackie
P.O. Box 8352
Des Moines, Iowa 50301-8352

Starting wages are $10/hour.  

Please e-mail Jackie at if you have
any additional questions.


Carousel Operators

Hours range from 5 – 20  hours per week depending on availability.
This is a seasonal position May-August with additional weekends in September and
potential rentals in October.  The position will start mid-May for weekends and full-time
beginning Memorial Day.

Carousel Public Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Open on Mondays for holidays, special events and private rentals.

Duties include:

  1. Opening or closing the Carousel and operating the Carousel during regular hours and for private parties and events.  Physical needs of the position require the ability to open and close several large garage doors that make up the walls of the pavilion, walking around the Carousel prior to each run to check for rider safety, opening entrance and exit gates in a timely fashion.

  2. Handling money and making change, promoting carousel merchandise and keeping display areas neat in appearance, selling and refilling vending items, tracking all riders and sales.  Duties also include totaling daily stat sheets, compiling money and stat sheets to deposit into the safe.

  3. Having a basic understanding of the mechanical operation of the carousel and band organ and being able to identify maintenance concerns.  Contacting Carousel Director and/or Maintenance Volunteer with concerns.

  4. Carrying out daily cleaning tasks. 

  5. Understanding the history and purpose of the Heritage Carousel and promoting it as a service to the community.*  Being comfortable working with customers (adults and children) and having a work attitude that compliments the fun, family friendly atmosphere of the Carousel.

If interested, please contact Jackie Cacciatore, Executive Director, 418-0244 or at

*The Heritage Carousel provides a unique service to Des Moines, its surrounding communities and beyond.  The operation is overseen by The Des Moines Carousel Foundation, a non-profit entity, which works to keep the cost to ride reasonable so that the carousel may be enjoyed by many individuals.  It is important that employees understand and help support this concept by promoting usage of the Carousel (rider cards, rentals, events, etc.), educating users when possible on the fact that it is a non-profit entity and that their support of the Carousel by riding it, purchasing merchandise, and making donations is extremely important.


Special Thanks To:
Eric J. Hermann Design & Photography - many, many photos and website design
JTM MultiMedia, Inc. - website hosting, maintenance & happy-to-help attitude

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