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Heritage Carousel Capital Campaign

We need your help!



The Heritage Carousel has been a part of Union Park in Des Moines for over 20 years.  It is time for some work on the building.  We have identified 5 major necessary improvements and repairs to keep the Carousel safe and beautiful for the next generation:

  1. Pavillion Metal Roof Painting with a certified painter and warranty
  2. Soffits replaced
  3. Interior cabinet work
  4. Fence repair and painting
  5. Extensive Carousel animal hand painting touch ups

Please consider making a donation to this campaign so we can keep the Carousel going ‘round for decades to come!

To donate, send your check to Heritage Carousel Capital Campaign, PO Box 8352, Des Moines, IA 50301-8352 or donate online.




Thank you to our Capital Campaign Donors!!
(Updated 10/26/2020)

Victoria Brenton & Adam Lackey
J.C. (Buz) & Sue Rutledge Brenton, Brenton Foundation
Marshall & Julie Linn
Polk County Betterment Grant
G David & Trudy Holman Hurd
Fred & Emily Weitz
Betty Sargent Bishop
CMBA Architects, P.C.
Lisa Holderness Brown & Peter Brown
Joe Cacciatore’s Birthday Fundraiser
Julie Brenton & Bob Galbraith, Brenton Foundation
Rebecca Brenton & Adam Lackey
Suzy Coen
Lockie Markusen Brenton Foundation
Polly Moore
Niebur Family Foundation Fund
Tom & Mary Sheldahl
Will & Joanne Page
Sarah Weitz
Ken Brenton
Michelle Scaglione
Susan & Carl Voss
Captain Roy's
Federal Home Loan Bank Matching Gift Program
Cindia & John Badger
Sue Frambach
Bob Jester, Jester Insurance
Jim & Kathy O'Brien
John Schmidt and Deb Wiley
Melissa Wolnerman
Ellie Bishop
Jack & Meghan Daugherty
Kevin Fangman
Ruth DeMeulenaere
John Cacciatore and Robin Ahnen Cacciatore
Jeri & Stephen Cain
Susan Cory
Beth Jaeger
Caroline Levine
Colleen Rogers Messenger
Wendell Saunders

Meg and Steve Shearer
Jon & Kris Sheldahl
State Representative Marti Anderson
Sylvia Hill
Amy Sue Alesch
Linda & Craig Coen
James & Allison Fleming
Berkleigh Mostrom-Lawler and Joe Lawler
Barb & Scott Nessa
Jan & Larry Carl
Linda Speed
Timothy Lapointe
Wendy Poush

Special Thanks To:
Eric J. Hermann Design & Photography - many, many photos and website design
JTM MultiMedia, Inc. - website hosting, maintenance & happy-to-help attitude

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